Monday, August 02, 2004

I quit, I am sorry but blogging sucks...

Yes, you read right,

after a one week stint, I have officially decided to call it quits as I no longer possess the desire to share my life with you uninterested bastards.


Yours Truly,


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My Take On The U.S. Presidential Race Thus Far...

Greetings Homies,

Yeah, yeah...I know you (as in the one person viewing this say...a few months from now) are thinking,"now WTF does this topic have to do with your sad, lonely, Asian life?"

Well, just because I am sad, and lonely, doesn't mean I am not multi-faceted, in fact, one of the few things in life which I enjoy besides "ballin' it up" (Basketball, damnit!), is politics.  Now, I ask that you do not attempt to contemplate the relation between the two as parts of my interests as you will find no connection, I just plain enjoy the both of 'em.

The Johns Squared (meh...John Kerry & John Edwards) Vs. Incumbants George W. Bush & The Real President Dick Cheney

Damnit, I'll bring you my opinion a lil later I must weep in a corner of a room now. (Acutally, I am getting some food)

Later Homies.

Long Time Blog Reader, 1st Time Blogger...

Greetings my homies,

I am A.L., those are the initials of my name (I hope atleast that much is obvious, and to the potential friends/family who read this, you will recognize who this is immediately)

Let me start off by saying that this blog was the culmination of hours and hours of boredom and monotony, I live a boring, isolated life, and I just felt like sharing that with the one visitor that will come along every few years or so. 

Anyways, more about myself, I am an isolated, lonely asian guy who has lived in the same house for the last 13 years, I myself am 18 and closing in on 19 in two months.  I have accomplished basically nothing in my entire life, you name it, I have not done it: sports...volunteer work...employment...academic awards/acknowledgements(besides the graduating of highschool which isn't a particularly distictive achievement).  Oh wait, there is one thing I have done VERY well at and have made a reputation from; that is mooching.
I am a moocher. (Although I would really have to proclaim it to be more of the status of leech/parasite)

I leech off of family, I leech off of friends. There is simply no limit to my leeching, it extends from food, to drink to cold, hard cash. 

Now the lesson of this post is: not all asians are the super-intelligent, motivated and focused individuals by which we are portrayed.  There are big loser asians, such as myself.

I am out homies,
peace and keep the faith.