Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My Take On The U.S. Presidential Race Thus Far...

Greetings Homies,

Yeah, yeah...I know you (as in the one person viewing this say...a few months from now) are thinking,"now WTF does this topic have to do with your sad, lonely, Asian life?"

Well, just because I am sad, and lonely, doesn't mean I am not multi-faceted, in fact, one of the few things in life which I enjoy besides "ballin' it up" (Basketball, damnit!), is politics.  Now, I ask that you do not attempt to contemplate the relation between the two as parts of my interests as you will find no connection, I just plain enjoy the both of 'em.

The Johns Squared (meh...John Kerry & John Edwards) Vs. Incumbants George W. Bush & The Real President Dick Cheney

Damnit, I'll bring you my opinion a lil later I must weep in a corner of a room now. (Acutally, I am getting some food)

Later Homies.


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